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Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.
Leonardo da Vinci

Making life better for artists everywhere.

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The ultimate business software for artists.

GYST Pro Software

GYST Pro is a database program that helps artists keep track of their careers, cataloging artwork, sales, proposals, mailing lists, etc. It also includes tons of information about every business issue an artist needs to know. At only $129, GYST Pro is the most comprehensive & affordable business software available today. Click Try above to download the demo and see what GYST can do for you. MORE INFO

GYST Basic Software

GYST Basic is designed for emerging artists just starting to organize their art practice. GYST Basic has many of the features of GYST Pro, like an archive database, contacts list, artwork tracking, resume & statement archive, and lots of business tips and tricks. At just $59, GYST Basic is perfect for students who need to get organized on a budget. Click Try above to try the software free for 30 days. MORE INFO


GYST 3.5 Software is now available in Beta mode. Join our mailing list to be notified when it becomes a full launch.

The next GYST Workshop is scheduled for the Fall of 2013.



About GYST

GYST Ink is an artist-run company providing information, technology and solutions created by artists for artists. Our mission is to support artists and arts organizations with an integrated mix of software, services and information in order to keep artists working. GYST is dedicated to empowering and educating artists so they can develop sustainable and successful careers on their own terms.


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GYST holds workshops all over the US for schools and non-profits. Our workshops range from one day to eight weeks. We cover any and all topics related to the business of art. The GYST 8-week workshop teaches you the business stuff you should have learned in art school, but didn’t. You’ll create and refine your “presentation package,” artist statement, bio, resume, portfolio, and more, with the full editorial and technical support of GYST staff. MORE INFO

Artist’s Manual

Available in paperback & pdf form, The GYST Artist’s Manual is a handbook for the life of an artist, containing over 400 pages of info on just about everything you wanted to know about the business of art. Click the TRY button at the top of this page to download a free sample that includes the table of contents and a few chapters. MORE INFO



Teacher’s Manual

The GYST Teacher’s Manual is available in paperback & pdf form. The book includes all the inforamation you need to teach professional practices courses in an art school or non profit organization. The manual includes a syllabus, handouts, discussion topics, goals, homework assignments, and more. Click on the TRY button at the top of this page to download a free sample that includes the table of contents and a few chapters. MORE INFO

Blog & GYST Radio

Check out our professional practices blog and get involved in discussions, notified of upcoming events and opportunities for artists. GO TO BLOG

GYST Radio schedules regular interviews with artists and arts professionals and brings you valuable information about the business of art. Check out the show and listen to archived podcasts HERE


Statement Reviews

Send us your artist statement or resume and a professional will read and comment on how to improve it. We will look at the content as well as the structure and spelling. Great service if you are applying for graduate school or an important grant, or applying for a teaching job.


Free Resources

We have over 500 pages of information on the business of art here on our website. Need to know how to get a business license? Need to know about bartering and trading laws? Maybe you want to have a studio visit from a curator and are not sure how to proceed? Whether you are interested in galleries, or more guerilla based projects and DIY strategies, check out our wealth of information. MORE INFO


Scanning & Archiving

Do you have older work documented in slide form? Can’t apply for grants because your images are not digitized? We will scan your slides, photos, film, 4 x 5’s on our professional scanner. We will create a high resolution file as well as a low resolution file for a low as $2 each. Color correction or other custom work is $25 an hour.         MORE INFO


Do you need a professional photographer or videographer to document your show or work in your studio? If you live in Los Angeles, we will come and shoot your installation or artwork. We charge by the hour. MORE INFO



“It is essential that art students be prepared for the realities of life after graduation,” says CalArts President Steven Lavine. “Nationally, no one is doing this better than Karen Atkinson with the professional practice classes that she teaches at CalArts and now with this new version of crucial software for the working artist.”
- S. Lavine, President of CalArts

Using Excel?

If you are using Excel to keep track of your artwork, you can import into GYST easily, so you can also keep track of all your images as well as all the other features Excel does not have.


“Every artist I know who has purchased or even reviewed GYST software has been blown away. Cal Arts and other art schools should add $ to each tuition fee and give GYST software as a gift to each graduating senior. It would be money well spent.”
-Judith Luther Wilder, Co-Founder, Center for
Cultural Innovation

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